Can you believe it, my mother is on a diet?!

My mother is into her 70s now and she is fit and I’d say healthy, apart from the odd niggle here and there. BUT she still talks about losing

Maybe women go through their entire lives talking about losing weight. Is that true?

Anyway, back to my mother…she still wants to shed a few pounds so that she can be more active, and more importantly, stay as healthy as she can for many years to come.

Having a son who is a Personal Trainer SHOULD be a massive bonus!! Ha, well it should be. BUT do mothers really listen to their Personal Trainer sons?! Sort of…

You see, I can go through her kitchen cupboards and remove the unhealthy options BUT the cupboards would be bare! Cans of beans, soups, hot dogs, packets of breakfast cereals, fizzy pop (the ‘diet’ version)…I could go on.

ALL of these are not really healthy choices – so much added sugar to beans and soups. Breakfast cereals (in the main) are NOT healthy as they contain so much sugar and salt. Fizzy pop can contain artificial sweeteners that COULD be a danger to your health.

I have to CONVINCE my mother to change. Get rid of most of these items and replace them with FRESH, WHOLESOME foods. I call them the ‘one-ingredient’ foods. No additives, no added sugars, no artificial sweeteners. Just good, natural foods.

I’ve already started with her. The coffee sweetener HAS to go. The diet fizzy pop HAS to go. That’s a good start. I’ll wait until she’s not at home, then sneak in before removing some of the other items!

So, if you are someone’s mother, why not make some healthy changes in your kitchen TODAY? You may well notice a few improvements to your health in the coming days and weeks.

I have to convince my mother that to lose weight, she has to make these changes.