Has cancer touched your life? Do something to help…

race for lifeThis may hit home with some people more than others, especially those who have been (or know someone who has been) diagnosed with cancer at some point.

Cancer – it’s a word we try to avoid. We often refer to it as the ‘Big C’. But why? Why do we feel uneasy talking about it? I guess I avoided talking about the subject back in the 80s when my sister was diagnosed.

She woke up one morning with a lump in her neck and the news wasn’t good after a trip to the GP/Hospital. I mean, how do you deal with the news that you have cancer? How do your family deal with it?

I’m glad to say that my sister made a full recovery and she lives a happy, healthy life right now. My memory of that time is pretty blurred. I also discovered a lump in my neck a few years later. I had to get it checked out of course. Luckily, it was only fatty tissue. What a relief.

We have some great charities and Cancer Research UK is at the forefront, raising money for research to beat all 200 types of cancer. They came up with the Race for Life.

What is Race for Life?
Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life is a series of 5k or 10k women-only fundraising events. We have quite a lot of events in the North East. The most recent one was held at Saltwell Park in Gateshead. The atmosphere was buzzing especially when each woman crossed the finish line. Each person had their own reason for running and it was a very emotional occasion.

Have you thought about running a Race for Life? If you’re interested, it may be too late for this year (I’m not too sure) but here’s the website link: http://raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org/index.html

If cancer has touched your life or someone close to you, why not raise money for a great cause?

Ps/ Tune into my next post as I have some very important information on what you can include in your diet to decrease your risk of getting cancer considerably.