So you can’t lose body fat? You need to lift weights!

woman lifting weights 2So you can’t lose body fat no matter how hard you try? It’s ok, I’m being a little devilish today! But it’s a comment I hear a lot…well, it’s usually “I can’t lose weight no matter how hard I try” but you get the idea.

I wonder why not. Maybe I can shed some light on the subject…

In my fitness groups, I regularly teach the women how to use weights and kettlebells…simple! On top of that, I incorporate lots of bodyweight and Pilates-type workouts.

I NEVER teach Situps and rarely do Crunches – they don’t really work that well.

I NEVER advise them to do ‘Insanity’ – basically, that’s insane for most people (who live busy lives) plus it’s unachievable for a lot of people.

I NEVER get the women to run in my sessions – slow, continual jogging is bad news when it comes to fat loss as well as giving you joint pain in the long term.

I NEVER tell the women to do the ‘Squat Challenge’ – 30 days of pure squatting – are you kidding me?? Do you really want legs like steel but leave the rest of your body alone?!

I NEVER tell the women to do anything they feel uncomfortable with and if it becomes painful, they must stop. ‘No pain, no gain’ is not a mantra I like to use.

So, back to the weights and kettlebells…

What happens when you lift weights? Well, if it’s the RIGHT weight for you and it pushes you a little, you will build muscle…simple. And what happens when you build muscle? You burn MORE body fat.

Great, eh? That’s what you want, isn’t it?

The more muscle tissue you have, the higher your metabolism, which means your body is more metabolically active. You will burn more body fat when you have a higher metabolism.

“But won’t lifting weights make me all muscular and all that?!”

Erm, no! Unless you go to the gym 6 days a week and lift weights for 6 hours then I doubt it. Even then, you’d be overtraining and your body type won’t be designed to change like that.

However, you can still tone up and become stronger by lifting weights and kettlebells. Imagine being stronger as you get older rather than the conditioning of becoming weaker as we age?

If this sounds great and you want to know more (like where I hold my group sessions), then here’s a link for more information: LADIES GROUP FITNESS

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