I had a car crash but what’s that got to do with your health?

car crashYesterday wasn’t a great day for me but I’m fairly philosophical about it really.

I reckon I’m a good driver and my ‘No Claims Bonus’ backs this up!

I avoid texting at the wheel, I don’t shave while driving and I think I’m courteous to other motorists.


Yesterday, I was involved in a car crash and it was my fault, or I think it was!!

I wasn’t speeding when I approached the roundabout. There was a car in front of me. I glanced to my right to check for oncoming traffic and there was a van but it was a fair way off.

I ‘wrongly’ assumed that the driver in the car in front of me would have pulled away – he had plenty of time – and yet he was still stationary at the roundabout. I slammed on the brakes but my car skidded due to the wet surface and I smashed into the rear end!


I took full responsibility but I couldn’t be sure that the guy in front hadn’t been texting or chatting which distracted him hence why he hadn’t pulled away.

One expensive mistake for me though as it looks like my car will be a write-off! I’m awaiting the results of the accident report.

I’m ok and the other driver is ok so I guess that’s the important thing.


What has this got to do with health and fitness?

Well, it has opened my eyes to say the least. In a flash, your life can change – for the better or for the worse.

So, in my opinion, it’s crucial to look after yourself as best you can so that every waking minute, you feel great about yourself and you’re in great health.

When life’s traumas come along, you’re much more equipped to deal with them when you’re physically and mentally fit.

When you have a physical trauma, you need a strong heart to take the stresses and strains.

You need that reserve for when these things happen.

The best way to create great physical health and fitness is to exercise but exercise progressively and properly.

Jogging just won’t do these days – it’s old hat plus it’s bad for you – bad for your joints, bad for your heart, bad for your lungs and not great for fat loss.

Interval running training is much better for you.

Lifting weights is much better for you.

Metabolic interval training is much better for you.


Ditch the jogging and take up weight training, sprinting and interval training.


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