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*** WE’RE MOVING ***

We open the doors to our new gym on Monday 19th February. This is an exciting time for me and for my clients. But… We want more of you to come and give us a try. So, if you’re a woman living in or around Throckley (Newburn/Ponteland/Corbridge) and you want to come to a gym […]

*** WIN A PRIZE *** My FREE gift to you…

It’s true! I’m being generous today and for the next couple of weeks as I like to reward my clients if I can. Now, this offer may seem to apply to my current members BUT even if you don’t currently come to the classes, this could give you the kickstart you need. This is your […]

Happy 1st Birthday To Me!

Well, today is my business birthday! I’m celebrating my first year of business at The Unit Gym in Throckley. I’d like to thank all those women who have come along to the classes, supported me and added smiles to the place. I’d also like to thank those who continue to read my emails, blog posts […]

Today is the day!!

Today marks the end of yet another era for me. Last October, I moved into a small fitness studio in Ouseburn, Newcastle. 8 months later, I’m leaving! It’s quite sad because, in those 8 months, I’ve become attached to the place! It was an ideal place to set up my small group training programmes and […]

I’m leaving and I’ll miss you…

There are times in your life when you have to say goodbye and move on. Be it from a relationship, a job, a country…whatever it is. It’s usually a sad occasion and stirs up lots of emotion. Well, this is one of those particular times for me…I’m leaving! I’m giving up my fitness studio in […]

I seriously thought about jacking it all in…

I don’t often do this but then I thought ‘why not’ because I’m a genuine person and I’m not some trainer hiding behind a persona. I’m a real person and I have real feelings. Oh, I could just send out information on nutrition and exercise all the time but that would be boring for one, […]

Today is my 5th anniversary…read about my journey

5 years ago today, I set up my business ‘Body and Mind Fitness Company’. 5 years? Wow, where did that go? My mother was right – the years DO fly by as you get past 40! So, I set up my business when I was 42. That’s quite old to start a new venture isn’t […]

Would you buy from these guys?

Every now and then I do my parents a favour. Well, it’s only fair as they brought me up to be a very nice, intelligent person, ha! It’s generally my mother who asks for the favours as she’s the talkative one! Anyway, as they don’t own a computer (yet), she asked me to bring my […]

With your permission, I’d like to tell you about my plans…

I’m changing the way I run my business. Phew, got that statement out quickly! There comes a time when you just have to review what you do and come up with new plans – both for the sake of the business owner (me) and (more importantly) the customer. There’s no doubt that I need to […]