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*** WE’RE OPEN ***

*** WE’RE OPEN *** We opened the doors to our new ladies-only gym this week. This is an exciting time for me and for my clients. But… We want more of you to come and give us a try. So, if you’re a woman living in or around Throckley (Newburn/Ponteland/Corbridge) and you want to come […]

Are you as fit as your dog?

I’m not sure if you’re a dog owner or not and I had never owned a dog until a few years ago. You could say I adopted two greyhounds! Maybe my parents didn’t take to dogs or the environment wasn’t suited to having dogs, I can’t really say for sure. My ex-partner has been a […]

*** Women’s Personal Training Special Offer ***

Have I mentioned that I’m coming up to my 50th Birthday soon?! I know, it’s hard to believe. Can you remember back when you were 18 years old and people in their late 40s were ancient?! Well I’m only 49 for another 9 days and it feels strange. I’m not exactly sure how I feel […]

Eat, drink but be wary of Resolutions!

You’d think that December would be the worst month of the year for a Fitness Professional! I mean, most people switch off from fitness in December because they’re just too busy partying, buying presents, visiting family and friends etc. Popping down to the local gym or health centre is most likely the last thing on […]

OK, I was pouring petrol over myself!

Sometimes, I think I should write comedy sketches! It’s true because events happen in my life that have a tinge of black humour to them! So last night, I took a chance with my petrol – the dial was in the red but I thought I’d be ok. “I’ll just go the garage after work […]

You ONLY need 12 minutes of exercise every OTHER day this January…

How can you even think about exercise right now?! You’re too busy shopping, wrapping, writing Christmas cards, preparing the cake, staffing the local craft fayre, helping at the church… Where on earth could exercise fit into all of this? I mean, exercise takes up too much time and that’s time you haven’t got, right? When […]

£900 on Black Friday – Is she insane?

It’s Friday 27th November 2015 but this is no ordinary Friday. This is BLACK Friday! Apparently, it’s an American thing! I guess it follows the Halloween tradition and many other traditions we copy from the other side of the pond. Black Friday is a day where people go absolutely berserk and start fighting each other […]

Would you like to start 2016 by dropping a dress size?

If you read my emails, blogs and newsletters, you’ll see I talk about weight training for women and the many benefits associated with it quite a lot! Here’s a relevant article that talks about it – it mentions Cameron Diaz so worth a look!! Ok, forget about Cameron Diaz as she’s Hollywood and we’re […]

My Dad is OK Today…

Today, I want you to forget about all of the petty, unimportant things in your life. That’s right, just for one day! Can you do that? Put aside all the crap that we get uptight about – the traffic, the weather, the people in the supermarket with their trolleys, the queues – you get the […]

Free Personal Training For You – Genuine Offer

I’ll keep this short today. You may be aware that I now have a fitness studio in Ouseburn, Newcastle. If you didn’t know that, then I have a fitness studio in Ouseburn!! Now I’m a genuine person – no bull, no small print etc. This week, I’ve decided to offer 10 FREE personal training sessions […]