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What’s your real age? Take the test now…

How old are you? I mean, how old are you really?? Your chronological age is your actual age but your biological age is your body’s true age. Factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, stress, exercise (or lack of) etc all contribute to working out your biological age. I’m 50 – that’s my chronological age – […]

If you want a flat tummy, avoid doing this right now…

If you really want a flat tummy and want to lose inches around your waist, you MUST not do SitUps or Crunches. They are a complete waste of time! There, I said it! Let’s face it, how many SitUps or Crunches do you think it would take to lose an inch from your waist? I’d […]

Will you have any regrets?

You may know (or may not) that I turned 50 last Saturday? Another milestone birthday but one that seemed a universe away when I was 18! We used to think people in their 40s were ‘ancient’! But times have changed and we’re now living longer with a much better life expectancy. However, have you noticed […]

*** Women’s Personal Training Special Offer ***

Have I mentioned that I’m coming up to my 50th Birthday soon?! I know, it’s hard to believe. Can you remember back when you were 18 years old and people in their late 40s were ancient?! Well I’m only 49 for another 9 days and it feels strange. I’m not exactly sure how I feel […]

Your health – It’s a dangerous game

Now I’m not one to criticise my competitors as I feel most of them are good at what they do. Obviously, like any business, there are some charlatans out there who will try to get as much money out of you as possible while providing a really poor service. I think that if I keep […]

More sad news…

Sometimes life can be hard to understand, especially when you hear sad news. The sort of news that sets you back and you start to question. You start to question why it has happened. This weekend, we’ve had a family bereavement and rather than hiding the fact and putting up a ‘Personal Trainer’ persona, I’m […]

Do this ONE THING daily to improve your health…

Let’s face it, we’re exposed to a huge amount of toxins on a daily basis. Environmental toxins (exhaust fumes, smoke from factory chimneys, air pollution etc). The toxins that line canned food products (beans, soups, rice pudding etc). The pesticides that are sprayed liberally on plant-based foods (your fruit and vegetables). The chemicals in moisturisers, […]

Devastated to hear this…I mean he was a fit 47-year-old

Sometimes you hear devastating news. The sort of news that sets you back and you start to question. You start to question why it has happened. You start to question life itself – why is it that some people are dealt a poor hand in life? The most recent devastating news (for me, anyway), was […]

Eat, drink but be wary of Resolutions!

You’d think that December would be the worst month of the year for a Fitness Professional! I mean, most people switch off from fitness in December because they’re just too busy partying, buying presents, visiting family and friends etc. Popping down to the local gym or health centre is most likely the last thing on […]