So is Cheryl Fernandez-Versini too thin?

cheryl coleX-Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (or Cheryl Cole as we know her better), is changing.

According to Lord Sugar (or Alan Sugar as we know him better) has expressed his views about Cheryl.

Hmmm, is Lord Sugar suddenly an expert on giving opinions of other celebrities?!

Anyway, he reckons “Cheryl is now too thin.”

He took to Twitter to say this to his 4, 678, 109 followers and within minutes his tweet had attracted huge interest on social media.

‘While there’s no doubt that Cheryl stunned in her floor length Elizabeth and James dress as she stepped onto The X Factor stage, close ups of her face when she was giving her comments showed her face looking gaunt, a million miles away from the happy and healthy looking Cheryl of old.’ [courtesy of the Evening Chronicle].

What do you think?

Do you even care?!

I’m sure there are lots of you concerned for her health – is she really too thin? Can you become obsessed with losing weight to such an extent that you look ‘unhealthy’?

Weight loss can go too far.

We need to be careful when talking about it though as eating disorders can sometimes take their toll and influence weight loss big style.

As you know, I work with women. Some of those women want to lose weight but I never advise losing more than 2-3 lbs per week.

But you need to be aware of what you’re actually losing – is it body fat or is it water or muscle?

You should get your body fat checked regularly so you know exactly what you’re losing.

You may be delighted to lose a few lbs every week but if it’s not body fat then you may be creating more problems for your body and specifically, for your metabolism.

If you start losing muscle, your metabolism will slow down causing you to put the weight back on when you return to any sort of normal eating.

So, whether Cheryl is losing the right kind of weight is debatable but if the photo is genuine, she needs to slow down the weight loss.

Why not get your body fat checked? Here’s what a healthy body fat should be:

Women aged 20-40 should have a body fat between 21-33%;
Aged 41-60 – between 23-35%;
Aged 61+ – between 24-36%.

If you want your body fat checked, get in touch and we can arrange it.