My Clients Are Like Sisters To Me

You may have realised now that I work with women, specifically women over 25. When asked why I train women over 25, my answer is simple. I looked at the clients I was training and 99% of them were women and most of those were over 25. So it made sense to create a niche and market to that niche. Plus I found that women in that age bracket were more focused on their goals and motivated to make lasting lifestyle changes.

All of my services and products are written specifically for women over 25. I have many eBooks, videos, photographs and workouts all tailored towards women’s health and fitness.

Over the months and years, I have become friends with a lot of my clients. They are like sisters to me. That’s why I like to think that I’m different to any gym or other generic Personal Trainer. There is a trust there. It’s not just about exercising hard and eating healthy foods. It’s also about creating a bond so that you are there when needed and vice versa.

When something negative happens to any one of my clients, I get upset. So this week, when I heard the news that one of my loyal clients was ill, I was initially shocked but then very upset. In fact, over 3 years into my business & yesterday was the most upsetting day. I actually had tears when I was driving to my appointments.

I know she’ll come back stronger & fighting fit. She’s as tough as they come and maybe it’s because I’ve trained her well! The doctors said it was just as well she was fit! Of course, some people will say that exercise isn’t good for you and then go on to quote some examples of when alleged ‘fit’ people have become ill, for example during a Marathon. Exercise actually has the opposite effect. It definitely helps people in situations of ill health. Your body can cope much better with the stress of the illness. Your heart and lungs are stronger. Your muscles are more toned. Your bones are robust.

If you’re ill and it’s hereditary, then you may not have a choice when your body decides to give you that shock. You can however, give yourself the best possible chance of survival and come back even stronger than before the illness. I admire people who have a family history of a certain disease who work hard by eating well and exercising. They don’t accept the fact that one day, they may fall ill. They are focused and determined in life. If then, nature is cruel and strikes them down, they are the type of person who gets back up, brushes themselves down and laughs in nature’s face.

They will win the fight against their adversaries and come back fitter and stronger than ever before. This particular client is no different and will come back smiling. Thinking of you right now.

Paul Edgar
Personal Trainer to women over 25