Custard in nice but add the words ‘Madagascan Vanilla’…

custardI’m not sure if you’re a custard fan – whether it’s homemade or shop-bought!

I used to love the stuff, especially when it was poured over Jam Roly Poly!

I’m surprised because, having lumpy custard at school, that was enough to put me off it for life! (apologies to the Dinner Ladies at my old school).

Anyway, these days, I do enjoy custard now and again – as a treat (or that’s how I like to dress up the fact that I’m eating custard!). However, it can be rather bland. If you buy the low-fat, low-sugar version, it tastes dull (hence the reason why fat and sugar is usually added).

What catches my eye on the supermarket shelves though, is a brand new marketing technique, which is devised to pull us in, tempt us so that we start salivating in the aisles and scoop 3 tubs into our shopping trolley!

I’m talking about sprucing up a product, making it more interesting, more tasty, more tempting to purchase. With custard, I’ve suddenly found that by adding the words ‘Madagascan Vanilla’, custard becomes a massively mouth-watering commodity. I want to buy it and I want to buy it NOW.

Now that I’ve discovered this new brand of custard, do you think I want to go back to that old, boring brand of just ‘custard’? Of course not.

The marketers have won and so have the supermarkets. They’ve enticed us into believing that Madagascar is now an amazing country where the Holy Grail of custard recipes is hidden in some dark caves.

Plus the vanilla too – I mean, it makes you think of lovely, summery days of eating vanilla ice cream while sunbathing on the beach. It’s amazing what images are conjured up just by a few marketing words.

So then what if I told you that I offer, ‘Fitness Classes For Women’? What would you instantly think? Or how about, ‘Bootcamp Classes’?

Pretty boring, eh? Even though that’s what it may be, it sounds unappealing. But what if I added something to that?

How about, ‘A new fitness concept that will make you stronger, fitter and happier so that you can enjoy life with more energy, more vitality and add life to your years’? Or maybe, ‘Embrace a new, fitter and healthier life just by exercising for 12 minutes, 3 times a week’?

Do they sound more appealing? I hope so because now, the whole fitness mindset changes. Instead of thinking, “Exercise hurts and it’s really unpleasant, I do it for the sake of keeping fit”, why not think, “I embrace exercise as a new challenge so that I can be stronger, fitter and happier and I’ll be able to enjoy my life more”?

I’m not a clever marketer by any means but to be JUST a Personal Trainer and just offer ‘classes’ is dull. I’m not selling the whole lifestyle concept and that’s what a trainer should offer.

We change people’s lives – well, people change their own lives – but we make them accountable.

Just like my new venture which starts on 23rd July. I’ll be offering the ‘Madagascan Vanilla’ of fitness classes!!

I will be offering the chance for women to change their lives and make a real difference to their health and fitness. Not just by providing exercise classes but a whole life plan including healthy eating, accountability, handouts on sleep, stress control, advice on water intake and so much more.

If you want to make a difference right now, why not register or, if it’s not for you, tell a friend about it.

Here is the link: GROUP CLASSES

By the way, I know vanilla is usually seen as ‘boring’ in the fitness industry but I’m talking ‘Madagascan Vanilla’!