My Dad is OK Today…

gratitudeToday, I want you to forget about all of the petty, unimportant things in your life.

That’s right, just for one day!

Can you do that?

Put aside all the crap that we get uptight about – the traffic, the weather, the people in the supermarket with their trolleys, the queues – you get the idea!

Instead, let’s concentrate on what’s REALLY important in your life.

On Monday for example, my dad had an operation and, when I visited on Monday evening, I was worried. He looked pale, tired and vulnerable. He’s now in his mid to late 70s so obviously I get concerned.

For me, it puts all the petty things into perspective. Worried about the traffic? Worried about what you’re having for tea? It’s all inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

My mum was worried for my dad. It creates an awful tension when things aren’t great.

My dad has since perked up and looks and feels much better.

It’s a relief.

Your parents have been there throughout your life and support you whenever they can – they would sacrifice everything for their kids to be happy. They are that important.

So, what has this got to do with a health and fitness business?

Well, obviously it makes sense to look after yourself to keep fit and healthy as long as you can. You need to give yourself the BEST chance in life. Eat well, exercise, relax, sleep, control stress and drink plenty of water but also enjoy your life by letting your hair down now and again.

However, my main message today is this: Sit down for 15 minutes, in silence. Close your eyes. Think about all the good things you have in your life – your family, friends, possessions, a roof over your head, clean drinking water, a bed to sleep in. And be grateful.

Be grateful today for what you have as tomorrow it could change.