My dad said “Son, don’t even try”…

My dad is 76 and I think he’s in pretty good shape for his age (don’t people always say things like that – “Ooh, he looks good for his age?”!).strength woman

I remember my dad when he was my age and he was strong and fast – I sometimes couldn’t keep up with his walking pace! Time moves on though and obviously, as you age, things deteriorate. Your bones become less dense, your muscles become weaker, your blood vessels are less elastic etc.

[Note: You CAN do something about this by the way!]

Anyway, my dad is no different – he isn’t the same person now as he was when he was 46. I think he forgets that I’m still only 46 and I’m strong and fast – just like he was.

So, I own a LOT of kettlebells and regularly move them in and out of my car boot. My poor car suspension!! The weight ranges from 4kg up to 16kg. My dad was with me when I recently offloaded them, sometimes with 6 in my hands at the same time! Me, Tarzan!

Instantly, he said, “Son, don’t even try.”

This was nonsense of course as I do this for a living – I’m sure my parents STILL don’t know what I do for a living!! I said, “I’ll be fine, I don’t need any help.”

I continued to move the kettlebells and he was standing there (almost) in awe!

My point is that just because you get past 40, 50, 60 or whatever age you care to choose, you CAN stay strong and you CAN stay fast. You CAN also IMPROVE your strength and your speed. Age is no barrier – it is a mind thing. Think you’re old and past it, then you will be.

Think you’re strong and fast, then you will be.

Ladies, my advice is to work with weights. It will improve your muscle tone, your bone density, your circulation. You will be stronger. You WON’T bulk up – that is a myth.

Take every opportunity to lift weights, heavy bags of shopping, your kids even. Just lift.

I have MANY workouts using weights and kettlebells. Here is an example workout: Click HERE.