Devastated to hear this…I mean he was a fit 47-year-old

Pavel SrnicekSometimes you hear devastating news.

The sort of news that sets you back and you start to question.

You start to question why it has happened.

You start to question life itself – why is it that some people are dealt a poor hand in life?

The most recent devastating news (for me, anyway), was to hear of the death of Pavel Srnicek, an ex-Newcastle United player – goalkeeper, to be precise.

You may not have heard of him but ask any hardened Newcastle supporter and they will rave about him.

He was a local hero and coined the phrase ‘Pavel is a Geordie’! He was born in Ostrava, Czech Republic but we ‘adopted’ him!

He was such a kind, friendly guy and apparently never had a bad word to say about anyone.

I just heard him recently on Radio Newcastle, promoting his new book. He was upbeat, laughing and joking.

Then just a few short days later, I heard he suffered a cardiac arrest while out jogging. He was in intensive care for a while but the tragic news came through yesterday that he passed away.

“But he had been on a run, where his heart had stopped beating for 20 minutes and his brain had been starved of oxygen. He was found and taken to hospital, where he lay in an induced coma.” [Extract from The Independent].

I mean he was JUST 47!! For goodness sake, I’m 48 and I can’t even imagine how his family feel right now. A fit 47-year-old collapses and dies.

This has hit many ex-players very hard. Peter Beardsley said Pavel ‘was an absolute diamond of a fella’.

Rob Lee said “I never saw him angry really, he was just such a genuinely nice guy.”

Go onto Facebook and Twitter and you’ll see hundreds of comments like this.


You have to question life and death, don’t you?

What can you do personally to live a healthy life?

Who knows in the grand scheme of things but I guess all you can do is try your best, with a little hope in your heart.

We strive to eat well, keep fit, sleep the right amount of time, control stress, drink enough water and add some hope to all that.

Genetics can also play a part and if you’re prone to a genetic defect, you may not be able to do anything about it.

I guess my message today is try your best to live a healthy life. Do more of the things that can improve your life and less of the things that restrain healthy living.

I’m a fitness professional and even I question why a 47-year-old collapses and dies. You can’t say he didn’t keep himself fit.

If I can help anyone reading this in making sensible life choices, just get in touch.

Follow my 7-step FITNESS plan and with some good fortune on your side, you’ll live a healthy and fulfilled life to a good age.

  • Follow a healthy eating plan
  • Increase your water intake
  • Take 10,000 steps a day and keep active
  • No alcohol or caffeine intake (or at least have a limit)
  • Exercise progressively
  • Set goals and develop a positive mindset
  • Sleep and relax