Would you eat a Big Mac in Amsterdam?

big mac 2The Big Mac – what does that mean to you?

Does it conjure up some juicy, succulent steak wrapped in a wholesome, healthy bread roll? Washed down with a sparkling, flavoursome cola drink?

Hmmm, the jury is out on that one!

What if you had the chance to visit Amsterdam? A vibrant city with many quaint bridges, little streams weaving their way down the streets and the varied culture including some lovely Indonesian culinary places (Amsterdam is famous for its Indonesian cuisine).


Just another city with a McDs?!

I’ve been to Amsterdam – many years ago now. It was a stag ‘do’ with 6 excitable lads trying to combine a bit of culture with heavy drinking!

I was really looking forward to sampling the delights of Indonesian food, giving my taste buds a wonderful surprise. However…

We ended up in McDs – sampling the delights of a Big Mac! My protestations were in vain as I was outnumbered in the ‘where do we go to eat’ vote!

I couldn’t hide my disappointment. If I’d have wanted a Big Mac, I would have strolled into Newcastle city centre and got stuck into one of the many McD takeaway options.

So, my question to you is, would you eat a Big Mac in Amsterdam?

Seriously though, if you walk down any high street now, you see takeaway after takeaway and the trend is increasing. You don’t see a healthy vegan takeaway in the middle of Northumberland Street (that’s the main shopping street in Newcastle by the way!).

One minute, the Government is telling you that they are trying their best to implement more health reforms and trying to lower obesity rates so that future generations don’t suffer. In fact, they even try to convince us that implementing a traffic light system in supermarkets will solve the obesity crisis. I’m not exactly sure what happened to that idea!

[By the way, low fat DOES NOT always equal healthy – check the labels].

Proper nutrition should be a subject taught in junior schools then continued into senior schools. I mean, when I was at school, my only nutrition option was Home Economics. Home Economics? Did they really mean ‘Let’s all learn how to make rock buns’? [Incidentally, my rock buns tasted ok but always ended up too hard].

We should be giving the kids ‘Double Nutrition’ followed by PE (not my initials, Physical Education). Then again the next day and the next until they actually learn about food. That way, maybe we will address the obesity crisis and future generations will live far healthier than what is projected right now.

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