Eating Before Bed – The FACTS!

Eating before bed – I have mentioned foods that are good and foods that are bad for you late at night. Well, this concludes it giving you the background facts. I think it’s interesting stuff as a few women have asked me about ‘extra’ things they can do to speed up their weight loss. Controlling your food intake late at night may just help you. Take a look…

If you eat before you sleep, you will gain weight. A full stomach prevents you from normally digesting and metabolising your food. When you’re awake during the day, your system is turned on and tuned in. When you’re asleep, you’re in healing, repair, storage and rebuilding mode and you will store and rebuild mostly around your stomach.

What happens is:

– You eat carbs at night

– Your insulin levels rise

– Your fat burning decreases and a storage environment is created within the body (not so good when metabolism is falling off in the evening)

– Your insulin sensitivity drops drastically in the evening which means that your body is not as responsive to insulin at night as it is during the day (when insulin sensitivity is low, carbs are easily stored as fat)

– You can still eat lean protein and fibrous green vegetables within a couple of hours of going to bed to aid muscle tissue repair as you sleep (no interference with insulin levels).

So, avoid those late night carbs (apart from bananas and cherry juice) and it may make a difference.