Eating more of this food could boost your health…

HoneyDo you like honey?

It has been described as “liquid gold” by many people because of its many health properties.

Yes, you also get the people who say you should avoid it because it’s basically sugar!

These are the same people who tell you not to eat fats and consume a low-fat diet!

Talking of fats (healthy fats, that is), it is much better for you to be a ‘fat burner’ than a ‘sugar burner’.

Ask those same people if they’re a ‘fat burner’ and they’ll look at you blankly!!

Consuming most of your calories from healthy fats shifts your body into fat-burning mode so you’re more likely to shift the stubborn body fat from your waist and hips.

But you’re still allowed to eat carbs (carbohydrates in other words) and honey is one of those I suggest you eat. Consumed in moderation, honey is pretty healthy.

Just look at these benefits in particular!

  • Honey has many anti-inflammatory properties which can help to keep colds and coughs at bay
  • It can boost your immune system and is a great anti-bacterial food
  • It is full of antioxidants and essential micronutrients
  • Due to its enzymes and nutrients, it helps your body to rebuild itself
  • It provides natural energy due to its unprocessed fructose and glucose content

There are many more benefits, far too many to list here.


Which honey do you choose?

You’ve probably heard of Manuka Honey, which can be quite expensive. Then there are different strengths of it so it’s a bit unclear if it’s worth paying over the odds.

You also get the standard supermarket varieties, which are ok but I’d suggest opting for organic, natural honey.

Here are some good choices:

Tesco stock Rowse Organic Clear Honey at £2.99 for a 340G jar.
Holland & Barrett stock Organic Wildflower Honey at £3.49 for a 340G jar.

You can add a tablespoon of honey to your porridge, natural yogurt or smoothies. I sometimes mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of almond butter – lovely!!

Enjoy your honey!