Find out which BBC Actress I trained recently…

Leona Vaughan Testimonial-VideoYou do know I’m a Fitness Trainer, don’t you? Or call it a Personal Trainer or a Group Exercise Trainer?

Whatever my title is, I run my own business and have done full-time now for 4 ½ years, which I’m very proud.

My business is called Body and Mind Fitness Company. It’s a bit of a mouthful but I believe fitness is not just about the body. Having a fit and healthy mind is just as (or even more so) important.

So, I send out emails, blog posts, newsletters, create fitness videos, write social media posts and much more.

I know not everyone reads my stuff, which I feel is a shame because I put a lot of effort into my work.

Everything I do though is by request first. I ask you if you want to sign up to my emails or receive my healthy eating plans or receive my top tips etc. You provide your name and email address so I send you more great stuff (well I think so, ha!).

But then, some people don’t read it. All the thought I put in and maybe it doesn’t get read. It’s almost like a baker creating a fantastic, delicious recipe for Cornish Pasties, stacks them on a stall in the market but nobody comes along to try one. They could be missing out on the best taste ever!

So, what can I do for you? I mean you personally. What would you like help with? What pain are you going through right now that I could help you with? Is it to do with exercise? Your diet? Your weight?

You see, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.

So, what services do I offer?

I offer personal and group fitness mainly. But that doesn’t sound that interesting does it? What if I proved to you what results you could get if you believed in me and my methods?

Social proof is a great way to showcase your work. I’ve worked with/helped thousands of women over the last few years. I’m proud of the results but more importantly, proud of the efforts put in by those women.

Just recently, I worked with Leona Vaughan. Maybe you haven’t heard of her but she’s the lead actress in the CBBC show Wolfblood. It’s on TV around 5.30pm and the new series starts in September. It’s about werewolves!

My main task was to build Leona’s strength and fitness for filming as she needed to run fast and jump etc. I was very proud to receive a call from the BBC. I had been chosen from all of the Personal Trainers in the region!

Leona was a pleasure to work with and she achieved great results in the 3 months we trained together. Here’s Leona talking about her results (it only lasts 1 minute): LEONA’S RESULTS

Leona is 19 years old but I work with women of all ages. My main client base is women aged over 40 and that works well because I’m over 40 so I know some of the pains over 40s can have. I can target my training much better that way.

So I hope I have explained a little more of who I am, what I do and how I can help you.