Genuine Weight Loss Guide For Women – 10 Things To Avoid

10 Things You MUST Avoid

If you address these 10 issues, you are much more likely to lose or manage your weight effectively.

  1. Dieting and Diet Magazines – never go on a diet and avoid reading diet magazines.
  2. Obesity Additives – have you heard of obesity additives? They are in so many so called ‘healthy’ foods. Your brain becomes addicted so increasing your body fat, especially visceral fat (fat around the middle).
  3. Long Distance Jogging – forced, continuous, endurance exercise induces your heart and lungs to ‘downsize’ because smaller allows you to go further, more effi ciently, with less rest and less fuel.
  4. Skipping Breakfast – although all meals are important, eating a nutritious breakfast provides the energy needed to face the day; it provides some essential vitamins and minerals and could help to control your weight.
  5. Alcohol – is a poison to our bodies and it is also high in calories, therefore increasing your daily intake.
  6. Processed and Takeaway Foods – these should not really be classed as food as such as they have very little nutritional value and contain ‘empty’ calories (sugars and saturated fats).
  7. Lack of Sleep and Stress – extensive studies have consistently shown that sleep plays a vital role in promoting physical health, longevity and emotional wellbeing.
  8. Negative People – avoid negative people as they can drain your energy and dampen your enthusiasm for a new project or venture. Instead, network with positive people who have the same interests as you, share the same experiences and have the same goals.
  9. Dehydration – avoid dehydration as it can cause headaches, dry skin, fatigue, and muscle pains. Aim to drink between 1½ to 2 litres of water every day (about 8 glasses) so that you are constantly hydrated.
  10. Sedentary Lifestyle – having a sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to your health as a lack of activity can lead to weight gain, increased health risks, muscle wastage, fatigue and many other conditions.

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