Get active at home or at work – 7 Top Tips

activeYou know the situation. You realise you’ve been sitting for hours at your desk or using your laptop (at home or at work), and your back is aching, your muscles are tight and you feel tired. In the long term, your weight is creeping up and you feel lousy.

I’ve had days like that. I open up my laptop at 9 o’clock in the morning and before I know it, it’s 2 in the afternoon! Crazy.

So, here are my 7 Top Tips so that you can keep active in intervals and stay healthy:

  1. Take away your chair and stay in a squat position for 20-25 seconds. Repeat 5 times. This gets your thighs working.
  2. Take a 5 minute break and go up and down the stairs 5 times. This gets your heart pumping and your lungs working harder.
  3. Take your hands away from the keyboard for 2 minutes and circle your wrists clockwise/anti clockwise 10 times each. Gently pull your hand down to stretch your wrist. This may help to avoid RSI.
  4. Have a bottle of water on your desk and drink 5 large mouthfuls every half hour to keep hydrated.
  5. Remember to keep snacking on healthy foods such as nuts, seeds, natural yogurt, fruit, houmous, rye or millet bread, mackerel pate, health bars, 85% cocoa dark chocolate, smoothies etc. Don’t go hours without food otherwise your blood sugar levels will drop.
  6. Stretch your chest muscles by taking your arms behind your back and gently open out your chest. This may help to avoid back pain and tension in your shoulders.
  7. Get the blood into your calf muscles by lifting your heels 20 times at a time.

I hope that gives you some ideas. Stay healthy.