Am I going to upset you or motivate you?

wrong-side-of-the-bedI had a bad day on Monday.

You know the sort of day I mean where everything seems to go wrong or events conspire against you.

You ask yourself what you’ve done to deserve it. Is it bad karma or something? Have you upset someone and it’s nature’s way of getting back at you?

The events I’m talking about aren’t particularly threatening or life-changing but it’s the small things – some lost business maybe, someone not replying to a text, a negative response to an email, smashing a favourite cup, the bin bag splitting on the kitchen floor – that sort of thing.

I remember when my mother used to say, “Did you get out the wrong side of the bed this morning?!”

Well, I can’t do that as there’s a concrete wall on one side!

I get really frustrated when I have days like this though.

I keep trying to justify that I’m a good person and I treat people with respect. I’m fair, friendly and I think I’m pretty good at my job.

I’m genuine and true to my word.

I remain positive most of the time and I’m kind.


Why do I have days like this?

I do lose clients in my business and that’s obviously disappointing. When it happens, I question myself on why that person left.

Oh, they have their reasons of course, not necessarily genuine reasons, but they have them.

You see, and this is where I may upset you, people make excuses rather than tell the truth. The truth about what’s going on in their head.

I know that there are an abundance of women who aren’t happy with their current situation. Maybe they feel overweight, or feel sluggish, or lack energy, or can’t keep up with their kids, or feel down when they see themselves in the mirror, or don’t know how they will get out of the vicious circle of eating poorly and gaining weight.

I’ve met a lot of women over 20 years and these are the things they tell me – when they really open up.

They are depressed with their weight. They hate themselves for the position they’re in.

These aren’t my words or thoughts – these are from real women.

They are desperate for a solution. They need to trust someone who can solve their problems. They want an instant win.

I may be getting close to the knuckle but you know, I’m prepared for a few unsubscribes. I mean, 4 women unsubscribed after my last email – you know, the one where I told you I was ill. Oh, the timing of their actions couldn’t have been better (fever and all)!

But hey, people are people.

I want you to stay with me because, unlike other personal trainers, I tell you the truth about how it really is and how you really feel.

I talk to women all of the time and I know what makes them tick in terms of their health and fitness.

I know how to help them but unfortunately, it’s a two-way process. I can offer all the help in the world but I need you to match that and give 100%.

I can promise you that I will change your physique, your shape, your weight, your strength…


Only if you’re willing to help me too.

You can go to the slimming clubs, the gyms, the leisure centres but none of those speak to you and give you solutions tailor made for you.

It’s all pretty generic.

Are you happy with generic or do you prefer to be held in high regard from a trainer who specialises in training women?

Take a minute to think about it.

I need to pick myself up very soon as I need to promote a positive image. But I’m human after all.

I hope tomorrow is a better day and karma is good to me because in the words of The Boomtown Rats, I don’t like Mondays and Monday gone wasn’t great.

How many trainers would admit to having bad days or admit to feeling ill? I can tell you – not many – because they want to portray a superhuman persona.

I’m a realist! I’m also fit and healthy most of the time (may I add?)!

So, back to you…

Are you being honest with yourself? I know you want change. I know you want to lose weight long-term. I know you want to be fitter. I know you want to look great at your daughter’s wedding. I know you want to live longer.

Are you willing to make that crucial life decision – before the doctor in the white coat TELLS YOU that you must change or it will be too late!

If you can resonate with any of this and you want to speak to someone who has the experience in the bag, give me a call, text or email.

I offer personal and group fitness programmes that are proven to work for you.

Here’s my number: 07990 583034.