Does your gym hide the truth about exercise?

Gym 3Gyms…you love them or hate them.

I know a lot of people and it’s a split camp. Some people rave about their gym – you know, as if they own it! Seriously though, some people love the gym and I can see why. It (usually) provides brand new equipment, lots of equipment choice, clean changing facilities, motivating background music, expert tuition etc.

It can also be a great social place where you can make new friends and hang out with old friends!

Gym membership prices seem reasonable these days, especially the low-budget ones based around shopping areas. Opening times are improving too, and now we have 24-hour gyms.

So, hooray for the gym!! But wait…

I know a lot of people who just can’t stand gyms – but why?

Well, maybe it’s to do with any of these reasons:

• “There are too many super models in the gym and I feel too fat”
• “I just lack the confidence to step inside a gym. I mean, lots of people will be staring at me”
• “I feel stupid running on the treadmill. I’m not even sure I’m doing it right”
• “I used to go to the gym but didn’t change shape at all”
• “The instructors don’t seem that bothered about my fitness”
• “Gyms are for fit people”
• “I don’t want to use weights as I’ll bulk up”

Do any of those resonate with you? I’m sure even I’ve thought of some of those myself.

It’s not easy stepping foot inside a gym – it takes courage to take that initial step. Personally, I think most gyms do themselves no favours. They tend to put you onto a fitness programme but then don’t monitor your progress. They’ll have you warming up on the treadmill for 10 minutes then on the bike for 10 minutes and so on. That’s completely unnecessary in my humble opinion.

Have you seen people who have been going to the gym for 12 months and they haven’t changed their shape? They are no fitter, no stronger and no healthier? It’s true, they do exist.

You could make the gym work for you of course IF you knew what to do. If you want to lose weight, you should be on a weight loss programme. If you want to get stronger, you should be on a strength programme etc.

Gyms can take people for granted. Plus they’ll still take your direct debit payment if you don’t show up for 12 months!

What do I suggest as an alternative? Ha, you guessed it – you could hire a Personal Trainer with programmes tailored to suit you or join a local fitness group that provides classes suitable for you, working with likeminded women.

Both work of course but some people prefer working on a 1-to-1 basis and others in a group environment.

I’m trying to help you as much as I can as a thank you for signing up to my ‘stuff’! At the moment, I’m trying to promote my studio in Newcastle. It’s based in the Ouseburn Valley, next to Byker Bridge and it provides group fitness training for women.

I’m looking for a maximum of 50 women to come along to use the facility so that there will be a good number all with similar goals. Surely that will work better than attending a gym where in 12 months time, you’ll be the same shape?

It’s free to register your interest and, if you live locally, it may be what you’ve been looking for.

Here’s the link – take a look for more details: GROUP TRAINING