Happy 1st Birthday To Me!

Women-10Well, today is my business birthday! I’m celebrating my first year of business at The Unit Gym in Throckley.

I’d like to thank all those women who have come along to the classes, supported me and added smiles to the place. I’d also like to thank those who continue to read my emails, blog posts and newsletters – you are just as important no matter if you live outside the local area.

Without all of you, it wouldn’t have happened.

There have been ups and downs, like most businesses but, in the main, it has been a positive 12 months.

Obviously the more women who come, the better for a successful second year.

So if you’re a woman living in or around Throckley or Newcastle and want to get fit, get in touch. Here’s a look at the classes I provide –> CLASSES

If you’re a woman living outside the area, I hope you’ll continue to read my messages and apply my tips and advice to achieve a heathy life.

Thanks, Paul.