Are you happy with your current fitness and general health?

Ladies, let me ask you…

Are you happy with your current fitness and general health?

If you are, fantastic and whatever you’re doing is working.


If you aren’t, would you like to change? Do you have the desire to change?

I know how you may feel right now. Often we can feel tired a lot, sluggish, drained of energy, have aches and pains, overweight, depressed.

I’ve been there myself – it’s true!

However, not making any changes will mean you’ll feel like this constantly until such times as a doctor will tell you that you MUST change.

My advice is not to wait until then, do something right now. Do it for you, your partner, your kids, your friends.

Do it because you will not regret changing. You will feel stronger, more toned, fitter, healthier and more alive.

Don’t let barriers get in the way.

I’m here to help if you need it. The women here are great, so supportive and know exactly where I’m coming from.

We all help each other in this gym, it’s not like other places. You definitely won’t feel apprehensive about coming in.

Paul @ The Unit Gym in Throckley.

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