Do you have a pain in your knee?

Do you suffer from pain in your knee or discomfort but aren’t sure what to do about it? The first thing I would recommend is to visit your GP and ask the following questions. Seeing your GP in the first instance could get the ball rolling with a specialist.knee pain

Questions to ask your GP:

  1. Do you think it’s ligament, muscle or a joint issue with my knee?
  2. In fact, do you think it’s really my knee? Could it be related to a back or ankle problem and the knee is taking the strain?
  3. It hurts when I…lunge, squat, twist etc (fill in which activities hurt).
  4. Would you recommend stretching the muscles around the knee?
  5. Are there any mobility exercises I could do to aid recovery?
  6. Would taking certain supplements help with joint mobility, i.e. fish oils, flax seed?
  7. Should I use a cold compression on the knee – is there any swelling?
  8. Would massage help?

Your GP may not have all the answers initially but you really need to diagnose the problem correctly. The NHS do have a good referral system in place so it’s well worth a visit rather than just putting up with the pain.

Don’t delay – book an appointment today.