Healthy Ice Cream???

Booja Booja Ice CreamI’m guessing you like ice cream? I don’t know many people who don’t but unfortunately it’s not great for your tummy or hips!!

Go to the cinema and it has to be Ben & Jerry’s!

I could eat a whole tub of the stuff!

Pop to the supermarket freezers and there you have a vast array of ice creams, from plain old vanilla to chocolate brownie fudge!!

It’s so tempting to have after your takeaway curry!

But alas, you just can’t get away with eating it very often – well, not if you’re trying to lose weight or even tone up.

So, are there any decent alternatives out there?

Well, I’ve discovered one!

This is a great healthy alternative to dairy ice cream. It’s by Booja Booja, and is available in Waitrose and Holland and Barrett stores.

It contains only 4 ingredients!! That’s right – water, agave nectar, cashew nuts and cocoa. It tastes nice and creamy too. Ok, it may not be the cheapest but it’s definitely worth buying. You can make it last longer by restricting yourself to a little each time.

Those 4 ingredients are all healthy but obviously be sensible and don’t go eating the whole tub in one sitting!

I hope you get to try it.