I Don’t Have Time To Exercise

I hear this expression a lot and from a lot of people. It is the most common reason people give to avoid exercise.

These are real comments I’ve heard:

No Time To Exercise

“I’m too busy to exercise with all the family commitments I have.”

“I work long hours so how can I fit exercise into my working day?”

“I can’t afford to spend an hour in the gym plus I have to get there and then get home.”

And so on.

It really is time for a reality check.

Let me ask you this. How important is your health – to you and to your family and friends? Really think about that for a moment. Are you telling me you haven’t got the time to look after yourself?

Let me ask you another question. What happens when you get ill? Say you get flu or a sickness bug and you are floored for days. Do you then have the time to be ill? What I mean is, you HAVE to make the time to treat the illness and get well. You can’t go to work or do the usual daily routine. Your GP may advise you to take time off work, a week or maybe more.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could organise your life so that you could easily fit exercise and a good, healthy nutrition routine into it? I’m not talking about spending hours in the gym or going out for a 12-mile run here. No dieting involved either.

Think about this: There are 168 hours in a week, made up of 10,080 minutes. My recommended exercise philosophy is to do three metabolic 12-minute workouts a week. OK, that’s just for starters. You can progress from there. But that is what I suggest to my clients as a minimum. Now, that is ONLY 36 minutes every week. That is ONLY 0.36% of your whole week spent exercising; spent improving your fitness; spent improving your health and wellbeing!

So, why not join me in my latest FREE challenge? For it to be a CHALLENGE though, let’s push the boat out a bit. Let’s go for 12 minutes of exercise EVERY day for 7 days. I’ve called it my ‘1-Week Challenge’. Join me for 7 days and we can get fitter and stronger together.

In only 7 days, you will notice a positive difference to your fitness levels and overall health. Feel amazing. Be amazing. Do something amazing. Let’s start today…

Sign up for my FREE 1-Week Challenge. I will supply the workouts on video plus I will give you a 7-day food list. Completely FREE.

Go to: www.bodyandmindfitnesscompany.co.uk/1-Week-Challenge

Enter your first name and email address into the boxes on the right hand side and click on ‘Get Access Now’. You will then receive a ‘Thank You’ message and an email where you just confirm by clicking on the link. You will then have access to a full 7 days of workouts, absolutely FREE, plus instructions on what to do.

This is my gift to you. It’s your chance to get your metabolism fired up and ultimately, on the road to a fitter you.

Sign up for FREE right now: www.bodyandmindfitnesscompany.co.uk/1-Week-Challenge

You have until Monday 1st April to sign up as the challenge starts on TUESDAY 2nd APRIL 2013. That’s AFTER Easter so no excuses!

Let’s get moving for 7 days. In the meantime, keep active too by using the stairs, walking your dog, walking the kids to school…whatever it takes. Make a conscious effort to get active. AVOID escalators – why do they even exist??