I’m over Forty so does that mean I get old and crotchety?

When you reach Forty, you just get old and crotchety and it’s all downhill from then on!forty

Well, that’s what my mother reckons!! Hell, I may as well book my hospital bed now so the doctors can take care of me when I’m broken!

I’m 46, 47 next month and I also train women who are over 40. (By the way, when you were a child and someone asked your age, did you say “I’m 7 but nearly 8”? Funny that, because when you get older, you don’t say “I’m 46, nearly 47”. You most certainly say “I’m JUST 46”!!!).

Back to my point…

Life doesn’t stop or go downhill just because you reach 40. For me, life truly is just BEGINNING then. I just want to reassure you that in your 40s and beyond, you CAN:

  • Get stronger
  • Lose weight (if that’s your goal)
  • Get fitter
  • Get faster
  • Be healthier

I’m fitter at 46 (nearly 47!) than I was at 26. Really.

It’s all about what you eat, when you eat, how you move, how much exercise you do, how much water you drink, how well you sleep, how much stress you hold onto etc.

Get all those things right and you CAN be your best into your 40s and beyond. You just need to know the ‘How to’.

I’ll be keeping you on track with that in the coming days/weeks. Stay tuned.