Join My 7 Day Weight Loss Kick-start Programme

losing weightYou know I usually give you a lot of things for free?

That includes healthy recipes, fitness tips, effective exercises to help you tone up and regular emails with my ‘wise’ words!

Plus much more!

Well, I’ve put together a new online programme and it has taken a lot of effort and time to do it.


I’m charging for it! Oops, is this a sales pitch?

Of course not but I do have a business to run and sometimes it’s only fair to charge for what I do.

The online programme is called the7 Day Weight Loss Kick-start and it’s a one-off cost of just £10.

You see, maybe you were expecting me to say £100 or something but no, just £10 for a whole 7 days worth of healthy menus, recipes, a supermarket tour, daily supporting emails and access to a special Facebook group so you can swap recipes and ideas with like-minded women.

The programme is all about healthy nutrition – no exercise is involved and you don’t need to buy any supplements.

So for just £10, I will give you a daily menu with 3 options for each main meal plus snacks too. There is at least one vegan option at every sitting.

After 7 days of eating these foods, you WILL notice a difference with your weight loss. Maybe those jeans that are tight on you right now will fit. Maybe you will sleep better. Maybe you will have more energy.

Whatever the benefits, you WILL get something out of this.

If you follow the programme and don’t get ANY benefits, I’ll give you your money back.

If you can read an email every day for 7 days then you can do this.

So if you’re in, and you want to lose weight quickly WITHOUT dieting or cutting calories, why not try my programme?

You have nothing to lose but some body weight.

Here’s the link to join: 7 DAY WEIGHT LOSS KICK-START

Also, if you know other women who would benefit, forward this to them.