What are your kids having for dinner tonight?

Chicken Escalope with beef and pepper stuffed marrowDoes the thought of preparing dinner scare you?

Do you ever get stuck for ideas, especially when you have kids and a partner with a large appetite?

You don’t want to prepare three separate meals do you?

There’s nothing worse than sticking with the same old meals is there? I mean, baked beans on toast again!! Actually, there are worse things but you know what I’m saying!

So what can you do with that chicken breast or those chickpeas? Sensible suggestions only please!

Let’s start with the chicken breast. Now the other day, I bought a kilo of chicken breasts from the local butcher. £5 for a kilo – great value considering the same weight in a supermarket would set you back at least double that price.

I put some in the freezer so I was left with two chicken breasts. I also had a large marrow to hand, sweet potatoes, carrots, lean beef, peppers, tomato puree, garlic, eggs, spices and seasoning.

Hmmm…it was like the goodie bag on Ready, Steady, Cook!

The result? Well, the photo of it is above. I made chicken escalopes, mashed sweet potatoes, baked marrow stuffed with beef and peppers and buttered carrots. It was delicious. Apparently, according to my partner, my best yet!

And it was so simple to make.

I battered the chicken with a rolling pin (well, my partner did that bit as she’s used to using a rolling pin hitting me – kidding of course!), blitzed some gluten-free oats for breadcrumbs and coated the chicken with beaten egg, crushed garlic and the blitzed oats. I then fried them in a little olive oil.

I fried the beef with the peppers and used some spices (paprika, chilli powder) and mixed with tomato puree. You can add cheese (such as Mascarpone if you like but it’s optional).

I cut a hole in the marrow and stuffed the beef mix into it.

I steamed the sweet potato and mashed before serving.

I steamed the carrots and added butter at the end.

A very healthy, nutritious meal and guess what? Kids LOVE Chicken Escalopes! Just not the packaged ones please as they contain all sorts of additives, sugars etc. Yuk!

As for the chickpeas, well I made a special Chickpea Curry with those but…

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