Would you like a back massage at work?

chair-massageA couple of people have told me recently that they didn’t realise I did massage. They haven’t seen anything on my website or social media about it.

It’s something I don’t really advertise but I am a qualified Massage Therapist and have been for a long time now.

I’m qualified to teach Sports Massage, Body Massage, Indian Head Massage and Seated Chair Massage.

Why don’t I advertise?

Well, I sort of put the therapy side of my business on the back burner so I could concentrate on my personal and group fitness training. Now that I have my own studio and the fitness side of my business is expanding, I feel I should start promoting my therapies again.

The thing is though that too much massaging hurts!! It can hurt my hands and forearms especially heavy sports massage treatments.

Recently I’ve done seated massage for Sage, Apple and the O2 Academy. All big gigs!

I go in with my massage chair and each person is allocated about 15 minutes. It’s all fully clothed so no messy oils or anything.

It benefits the staff in so many ways and my feedback has been excellent (even if I say so myself!!).

People who have desk based jobs tend to get a lot of tension in their back and shoulders or worse still, have chronic back pain.

It’s amazing how many people have knots on one side of their back – maybe using a mouse or phone all day!

Offices aren’t really geared up for maintaining good posture while you’re at work.

Some businesses however are finally looking at standing work stations, which is a move forward.

I’m also thinking about using my studio as a therapy room so I can offer treatments there.

Massage should be part of an overall health and fitness programme.

  • It improves your blood flow, therefore your circulation
  • It gets rid of muscle aches and pains
  • It helps with good posture
  • It gives you an energy boost
  • It helps with recovering from sports injuries
  • It increases your feeling of wellbeing

They’re just the benefits off the top of my head!

So if you’re looking to reduce tension, get rid of muscle aches or just want a ‘pick me up’, just let me know. I can visit you at your place of work, home or at my studio in Newcastle.

Call or text Paul on 07990 583034.