Would you like a body like Cameron Diaz? Here’s how…

weight training for womenWeight training for women?

Surely lifting weights is more for brawny men in their small vests, looking attentively into a large mirror?!

Apparently not though…

Here’s a recent article that seems to buck the trend:


The article talks about famous females (such as Cameron Diaz) lifting weights in their bid to get stronger, fitter and healthier.

There is a myth surrounding females lifting weights – they will bulk up and look too muscular!

This would be extremely rare unless you plan to visit the gym 6 days a week for 3-4 hours at a time and increase your calorie intake vastly.

Cameron Diaz for example is 42 but since using weights, she was recently voted the best slim figure by Women’s Health.

Therefore, it seems fair to suggest that lifting weights (effectively) = a slimmer figure!

Notice that I mentioned ‘effectively’ there?

It’s no good just buying some light dumbbells and doing 3 sets of Bicep Curls! That won’t really make a difference.

What I’m talking about here is using barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells etc as part of an effective weight training programme. Combined with effective cardio and bodyweight workouts, this can work extremely well.

The idea of lifting weights effectively is to push your body a little bit more each time you hit the gym or fitness studio. You need to work your muscles the right way and more importantly, let them recover fully.

It’s no good overtraining either as you’ll do more damage than good.

If you incorporate an effective weight training programme with an effective nutritional programme, you will get the results you desire.

Of course, it takes motivation, drive and determination but that’s where I come in.

I can help with women’s weight training programmes and in fact, some women who I work with, actually enjoy lifting weights!

So, if you want a body like Cameron Diaz, then hit the weights and give me a shout.