Would you like similar results to Nikki?

Nikki A Before and AfterNow, I’m not usually a fan of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos because I sometimes think they can be altered, especially with the clever software we have these days.


I’ve relented this time because I need to tell you about Nikki.

Nikki (it’s ok, I have permission to show her photos!) started my 28-Day Weight Training Challenge on 12th January and 28 days later, this is what she achieved:

  • 6 lb weight loss
  • 2% drop in body fat
  • 8 cm off her waist and hips
  • A slimmer figure
  • A massive increase in her strength

Plus, she looked younger and the scales measured her metabolic age to be at least 4 years younger than when she started.

Now, you may be thinking that these results aren’t out of this world – I mean, she didn’t lose a stone or anything. But most women who go on these fad diets end up losing muscle mass and water rather than body fat.

They lose the toned look in their muscles.

But take a look at Nikki and you’ll see from the ‘after’ photo that her improvement in muscle tone is pretty evident.

I’ve never seen a woman so focused when she was lifting weights. She loved it and now has the results to prove it.

She’ll continue to improve and get stronger unlike the women who keep on doing the January diet regime.

Oh, and Nikki has NEVER eaten so much food. She was always full and never once counted calories. She loved the eating plan – she even enjoyed banana pancakes with chocolate chips!!

Luckily, I have another opportunity for women to follow in Nikki’s footsteps.

My next Weight Training Challenge starts on Monday 16th February.

If you want similar results to Nikki, here’s the link for more information: WEIGHT TRAINING CHALLENGE