How would you like a slimmer figure in 2015?

kettlebell-swingIf you read my blog from 15th December, you’ll see I talked about weight training for women and the many benefits associated with it.

Here’s a recent article that talks about it:

Ok, forget about Cameron Diaz as she’s Hollywood and we’re more realistic here.

The point is that women are now turning to weight training to get results – weight loss, better shape, increased muscle tone, less body fat etc.

You may tell me that you’re already ‘going to the gym’.


Are you actually achieving the results you want? Honestly?

Do they tell you to jog on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes or lift 3kg weights for 15-20 reps?

I know they do because I’ve been a member of a gym many times and I prefer to do my own thing. I see most people pounding away on the treadmills only to be in the same shape as they were 12 months previous.

You need something that really works and something that will give you all of the benefits I mentioned above.

Weight training for women…

I decided to design my own programme for women rather than you relying on the gym. So, I’ve come up with my…

‘New Year 28-Day Weight Training Challenge’.

What’s involved? Well, I’ve put it all together on a web page for you and you just need to click the following link to find out more:


The challenge will be held at my fitness studio in Newcastle from 12th January and you need to attend at least 2 weight training sessions a week for the 28 days. You also have free access to all of my other classes.


You get a full 28-day healthy eating plan, a 1-to-1 goal setting plan, weekly weigh-ins and measurements and much more.

It costs less than a cup of coffee a day!

Oh, I guarantee your results or you get your money back – in full!

Just click on the link if you want to really change in 2015.

Here is the link again: NEW YEAR CHALLENGE