Would you like to be a strong, powerful woman?!

older woman fitness 2Just thought I’d catch your attention there!!

Is it possible to increase strength and power as you age? You know what my mother says “Once you’re past 40, it’s all downhill”! Hmmm, I’m not sure I agree.

I know I’m not a woman but I am 47 and I know that age is not a barrier (or an excuse) when it comes to getting stronger. BUT you have to do something about it, it won’t just magically happen.

What are you feeling about your health and fitness right now? Be honest. Maybe you’re out of shape, a bit overweight, lost confidence, haven’t exercised for years? I said be honest!!

Maybe you’ve been to the gym but left months later to find no real change?

Maybe you’ve invested in a Personal Trainer and got some great initial results but then hit a plateau?

Maybe you feel a little embarrassed to exercise in front of people or even in front of a trainer?

Well hopefully, I’m here to allay yours fears and assure you. I’ve worked with thousands of women (since 1995) who have been in your position. They made some big changes in their lives and do you know what? They became stronger and fitter and also, as a result, got a lot healthier.

So how do you get stronger, even in your 40s, 50s and beyond? You use a combination of weights and body movements. You could also add Pilates and effective cardio to that. I would advise that you avoid steady state cardio though – for example, jogging or running at the same pace on a treadmill, etc. They will downsize your heart and lungs and probably give you aching joints.

You need to increase your muscle tone and in turn, more muscle burns more body fat. So, not only will you be getting stronger, you will be burning more body fat. A win-win situation.

I have designed hundreds, if not thousands, of effective workouts that are guaranteed to increase your strength. Whether you’re 27, 37, 47 or 57, you can do it.

Strength training = stronger muscles = reduced body fat = better body tone and shape.

If this is something you really want right now, get in touch. I can help you and show you that my mother was wrong. Life begins at 40…or at least it can if you decide you want to be a strong, powerful woman!

Ps/ I go through this at length in my Personal Training programmes. More details are HERE.