Lindsay is 8 years younger after just 4 weeks of training!

20150617_140223Lindsay is a woman in her 30s and it’s fair to say that she was a bit sceptical of me and my training methods when we first met!

After all, why would you trust a Fitness Trainer who you’ve never met before?!

Why would you believe them when they say they can get some great results for you?!

I guess (as said trainer!), I need proof that my methods work, otherwise the whole thing remains sceptical.

Plus, there are thousands of us lurking around every corner of every gym in the land! What makes one trainer any different from another?

I’ve been told a hundred times that I have to differentiate myself from other trainers – be different, offer something unique, have a unique selling point.

It’s tough to do that though because most things have been tried and tested.


I found a real niche here in the North East – no other trainer is doing it!! Amazing!!!

What is my niche? My unique selling point?

I teach…

Women Only Weight Training – just women, no men. I train exclusively women to lift weights.

That is unique and there are so many advantages of doing it.

The women don’t feel intimidated, they feel relaxed and mix with like-minded people. There are no men staring at them, there are no ‘meat-heads’ grunting and groaning lifting weights! There are no pretentious people on their mobile phones while running on treadmills!

None of it!

So, back to Lindsay…

I persuaded Lindsay to join my 28-Day Weight Training Challenge back in June.

28 days later and look at her results…

She lost 8lbs, down 4% body fat, lost 5cm from her waist/hips and reduced her metabolic age by at least 8 years – in just over 4 weeks.

In my book (and that’s an important book), those are impressive results.

How did she do it?

She worked hard for 28 days, changed her eating a little, didn’t diet at all and lifted weights correctly.

See, it can be done. If Lindsay can do it, anyone woman can.

Be inspired by Lindsay. Be motivated to change.

Come along for a trial at my studio, if you’re based around the Newcastle area.

It’s friendly and fun too.

Call/Text me on 07990 583034.