Lose a stone in 5 weeks…

lose weight in 5 weeksHow many times have you read a headline like that? I’m betting it’s a lot. I see it all the time on the front covers of health and fitness magazines, in newspaper ads, on billboards etc. The thing is, do you actually believe the headline? That’s the important bit. I mean, is it really possible to lose a stone in 5 weeks? Well, it depends…

You could go on a diet – you know the ones, where you reduce your calories so much that your body HAS to lose some of its weight. Reduce your calories enough and losing a stone in 5 weeks is realistic.

You could join a slimming club – you know the ones, where you get weighed, sit down for 5 minutes and have to reveal your loss (or gain) to the group. You are told what to eat and you have the support of the other members. Again, losing a stone in 5 weeks is realistic.

You could go on a juicing diet, or drink shakes – you know the ones, where you replace most of your meals and food with pills, juices and herbal teas. Oh, and sometimes you get to put things in awkward places to flush out toxins!!! You are told what pills to take (usually from an unqualified ‘expert’) and when to take them. Again, losing a stone in 5 weeks is realistic.

Now, let’s get down to the crunch. ALL of the above methods for losing a stone in 5 weeks are quick fixes and around 90% of people WILL regain the weight when they return to normal eating. That’s why diets DO NOT work for sustained (and healthy) weight loss.

So, what do you do instead? You trust people like me, that’s what! There, I’ve said it, blowing my own trumpet and fellow trainers who actually KNOW what they are talking about and ARE qualified.

I put together my own 5 week plan that gets REAL results when it comes to weight loss. My selected food items, snacks and meals are very effective for losing the RIGHT KIND of weight. You will not lose water, muscle mass or other lean body tissue. You WILL lose body fat, especially when combined with an effective exercise programme.

My methods work, full stop. They’ve worked for EVERY person who has followed my plan. Even better though, is the fact that these people have been EDUCATED in eating properly – no need to go on any more diets – EVER! Great, eh?

So, if you really want to lose a stone in 5 weeks, let’s have a chat. It doesn’t have to cost anything either. Obviously, people pay me for certain services but my advice doesn’t cost anything. If you’re interested in PROPER weight loss, call/text me on 07990 583034 or email pauledgar@bodyandmindfitnesscompany.co.uk