How I lost weight at the car boot sale…

The good old car boot sale – it’s a great way to lose weight isn’t it?!car boot sale

“LOSE weight?? But what about the burger vans and the cup cake stalls, Paul?”

Well, yes, you may have a point there! But I’m not tempted by those – in fact, the smell puts me off food full stop.

Anyway, I digress. My partner, Awne, and I went to the Blaydon car boot sale recently and got there about 6am. No sooner had we parked the car, there were about 25 people on top of us, banging at our door and opening our boot BEFORE we had a chance to get out!

It was scary – it was like the zombies in Dawn of the Dead after flesh! We panicked and just couldn’t get our stuff unloaded.

“Any mobile phones, mate?” “Do you have a laptop?” No!!!!!

It settled down after an hour.

The selling was sometimes frantic and time goes so quickly.

But what has this got to do with losing weight Paul? Well, being so busy and stressed with all the people constantly pulling at my clothes (the ones I was selling not the ones I was wearing!), scrutinising if there was a tiny mark on them, arguing over 10p and so on, well you just forget to eat and go for hours without food.

Pretty much like being on a diet. The only difference being that you deliberately don’t eat much when you’re on a calorie-restricted diet. When you’re dieting, you are not only restricting your calories but you’re also depriving your body of essential nutrients.

On a diet, you may lose weight. BUT (important point here), are you losing body fat? Or are you losing muscle tissue or water?

By restricting your daily intake to 1200 calories or less, you’re health is likely to suffer. Dieting WILL give you an initial weight loss BUT it’s not a healthy weight loss.

My message here is DO NOT GO ON ANOTHER DIET. Instead, eat wholesome, healthy and varied-coloured foods. Avoid processed foods, cut down on dairy and wheat, cut out sugar as much as possible and drink plenty of water.

If you REALLY want great results, start an effective exercise programme, which will maintain your muscle, give you a better shape and make you stronger.

Now…where to go for my next boot sale?!

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