Marilyn Monroe did this – what was her secret?

Marilyn Monroe lifting weightsNow I wasn’t born when Marilyn Monroe was on this earth. Sadly, she passed away in 1962, aged only 36.

From what I’ve researched, her films grossed more than $200 million. Staggering really, especially in the 1950s and 1960s.

She was (and still is) considered the world’s most popular icon of sex appeal and beauty.

So what was special about her?

I think she had an extremely endearing relationship with the media and was known for her quick wit. When a reporter asked her what she wore to bed, she replied, “Chanel Number 5”!

Since her tragic death, many women have aspired to be like her – or certainly get the same appeal as she had.

What was her secret?

Well, delving a little further, one of her secrets to keeping in shape was lifting weights!

That’s right, Marilyn Monroe lifted weights to get that infamous shape.

You see, I don’t make it up! I keep repeating that lifting weights is the BEST thing you can do (as a woman) to keep fit and be in great shape. There’s no need to run for hours on end hurting your joints and muscles.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what your current weight is.

You can start at any age and you can start lifting weights whether you are 8 stone, 12 stone or 18 stone.

You will NOT bulk up, contrary to popular belief.

You will however, in my experience of teaching women’s weight training, get some (or all) of the following:

  • It will massively improve your strength and fitness
  • It will tone your muscles and shape your body
  • It will help you to lose body fat more quickly than cardio
  • It will improve your posture and joint health
  • It will increase your metabolism and energy levels
  • It will lower your anxiety to give you better mental health
  • It will increase your chances of living longer

In fact, since I started my 28-Day Weight Training Challenge in January, the women who have attended regularly have actually achieved these type of results for real!

I think it’s great that something which has almost been a taboo subject for women, is now all the rage.

But Marilyn Monroe lifted weights so it’s not a new concept.

My next 28-Day Weight Training Challenge starts on 5th May, only 5 days time.

If you want these sort of results which will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (I’m not kidding either), here’s the link to register: WEIGHT TRAINING CHALLENGE

Maybe you’ve tried everything to get results – have you?! Maybe you haven’t yet tried weight training.