It’s National Obesity Awareness Week – Can you help?

More than half of the UK population is heading for obesity by 2050, with an annual cost to society approaching £50 billion. But if we act now, we can turn it around. [Source:].obesity awareness week

Pretty scary eh?

Well, this week is National Obesity Awareness Week (13th – 19th January) so we should all do our bit so that future generations won’t suffer.

What can we do?

Well, it’s about making small changes that bring about a big difference in your health and wellbeing. You can teach your family and friends too. You can influence other people to make healthy choices.

If you regularly read my blog posts (cough, cough…you do right??), you’ll know that using my approach, you will make those small changes with your diet, your activity levels, your stress levels etc.

Don’t do it ALL at once though – that probably wouldn’t work for the majority of you. Maybe start by cutting out sugar in your coffee, then cutting down on coffee, then cutting out added sugars in your diet…you see, one step at a time. It all helps and you will see the results from it.

It can be done.

I gave up sugar in my tea years ago and it tasted disgusting – yuk! BUT, once I got used to the new taste, it was ok. In fact, tea WITH sugar now tastes disgusting!

You can help.

Start today. Make that one small change and help your family and friends too.

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