I nearly choked on my sausage sandwich!

sausageAh, the innocent sausage! My dad has a sausage sandwich almost every morning – in WHITE bread too – with MARGARINE! I know, I’ve told him a MILLION times about that lethal combination.

I probably won’t change him now though. He’s too set in his ways.

So, am I saying that a sausage sandwich is dangerous to eat?

Maybe. Consider the ingredients of my dad’s sausage sandwich (I’ll leave the bread and margarine out for now).

Pork (43%); water; pork fat (8%); rusk (wheat); potato starch; vegetable protein; salt; flavourings; stabilisers; guar gum; diphosphates; preservative: sodium metabisulphite; antioxidants (E300 & E307); colour (cochineal).

Contains: wheat, gluten, soya, sulphites.


Are we actually eating this stuff?! Do you actually know what the ingredients are? More importantly, can our bodies deal with all this ‘stuff’?

Do you have a wheat allergy or gluten intolerance? Can your body handle soya? How about the sulphites? Have you checked whether your body can digest these ingredients sufficiently?

Could eating these ingredients be making you ill?

I’m serious. Eating this ‘rubbish’ could be a MAJOR factor to your current state of health.

Why not STOP eating these sausages and make your own? GASP!!! “Oh, I haven’t the time to make my own sausages.”

I’ll let you into a little secret…buy some fresh, organic (or free range) pork, add some spices, a little sea salt, egg white to bind the meat, shape and cut and voila…homemade sausages!

How EASY is that? AND no added rubbish that your body doesn’t recognise.

PLEASE, you need to start thinking about packaged foods and AVOID AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. For the sake of your health.

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