You ONLY need 12 minutes of exercise every OTHER day this January…

Le 12 minutesHow can you even think about exercise right now?!

You’re too busy shopping, wrapping, writing Christmas cards, preparing the cake, staffing the local craft fayre, helping at the church…

Where on earth could exercise fit into all of this?

I mean, exercise takes up too much time and that’s time you haven’t got, right?

When it’s not December and Christmas mayhem, you’re too busy with work, with your family and friends, with your hobbies…

In fact, let’s be totally honest about it, some people just don’t like exercise and avoid it like the plague!

Why though?

Why would you avoid exercise?

What would happen if you avoided cleaning your teeth? Your teeth would be in a bad way and your breath wouldn’t be pleasant at all!

What would happen if you didn’t shower? Well, I wouldn’t be standing near you, that’s for sure!

So, what happens if you avoid exercise?

You sit a lot, in your car, at work, at home, behind your computer, on the bus, on the train, on the plane, watching the TV, in the park, at church…a LOT of sitting!

Do you think your buttocks are there to make you sit?!

You become so static, you may develop postural problems – back pain, frozen shoulder, tight hamstrings, cramp, muscle aches and pains, joint mobility issues…the list goes on.

Your blood flow is restricted so your circulation to your extremities becomes limited. Your hands and feet are cold a lot. Have you noticed that?

Worse still, you may get more serious problems. Do you think it’s good for your heart to sit a lot? Your lungs? Is the air getting to your lungs?

Your kidneys? Your liver? Your skin?

Quite simply, if you don’t exercise, you are putting yourself in a serious position regarding your health.

Exercise is great for you, not just good. In fact, so much so that I have listed the benefits of exercise below – and that’s off the top of my head! Here they are…

• Improves your wellbeing (psychologically and physiologically)
• Improves your blood pressure
• Improves your fat oxidation (you burn body fat more efficiently)
• Reduces your risk of cardiovascular heart disease
• Increases your energy levels
• Increases your strength and muscle tone
• Improves your bone density
• Improves your joint mobility
• Increases your resting metabolic rate (you burn more calories daily)
• Improves the functionality of your cardio system (circulation/blood flow)
• Improves your lymph system (eliminating toxins from your body)
• Better skin/nail quality
• Sharpens your eyesight
• Improves your mood
• Better blood glucose control (less risk of diabetes)
• Reduction of severity of comorbidities (improved health)
• You look better in your clothes
• You can keep up with your kids/grandchildren
• Improves your quality of life
• May extend your lifespan (at least you’ll be more active when you get older)

Wow, that’s quite a list. Who wouldn’t want all that? Unfortunately, many of us are still not doing enough activity and worse still, doing absolutely nothing. Why would you put yourself in danger of disease?

Did you know that you could achieve all (or at least most) of the above benefits if you exercise effectively for ONLY 12 minutes a day this January? It’s true. Or even 12 minutes every OTHER day!

That’s why I developed 12-minute workouts. There’s no need to spend hours in a conventional gym or on a treadmill, wasting precious time. In fact, you may actually enjoy exercise with just 12 minutes!

If you want to learn my 12-minute secret, why not try this workout in the comfort of your own home? It’s even something you could do this Christmas between your turkey sandwiches! Just repeat the routine 4 times to get a 12-minute workout.

Watch the video HERE

If you like the video and the simple workout, why not come along to a free class in Newcastle and exercise with likeminded women who have achieved great results this year?

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Ps/ Remember, there is NO NEED to exercise for hours to get great results. That’s why I encourage people to use my 12-minute workouts. We’re all busy aren’t we?