New Group Fitness For Women Classes

older woman fitness 2Group fitness is definitely a good thing as it helps with motivation, accountability and you make friends too.

I’ve decided to change some of my classes and times to suit more people.

Pilates always seem popular so I’m going to add 2 Pilates Fitness classes to the timetable. It’s my version of Pilates to help strengthen the muscles around your waist and hips.

I’ve also added a Bums and Tums class!!! I know, takes me back years that one. But it’s a good old classic, which helps to tone your (you guessed it) bum and tum!

Check out the new timetable: NEW TIMETABLE

Also, instead of just having a weigh-in session, I’ve decided to have a Weight Management Class (or workshop). It will be theory based but will include a weigh-in then a half hour workshop on healthy eating, stress and relaxation, sleep, hormonal balancing, smoothie demos and much more.

The idea behind this is similar to a (dare I say it) Slimming World session BUT there won’t be any gasping if you’ve put on 2 lbs!

Being healthy is about learning and the more you learn, the healthier you can be.

For those who haven’t tried a session yet, why not come along? It’s fun and the women who have joined are getting results already.

Oh and I’ve reduced the price of my Gold and Premium programmes if you sign up for 6 months. Great value in my humble opinion! Check out my prices here: CLASS PRICES

I hope that helps.