The number ONE health tip you can learn from your dentist…

dentistLast Friday I visited my dentist. It must be over 3 years since my last visit and I was a bit apprehensive to say the least!

The reason I finally plucked up the courage to go was down to toothache. I was finding that chewing on one side of my mouth was painful. I tried to resist, I honestly did but it just got worse. Now, you may be ok with visiting the dentist but I just don’t particularly like it very much. I mean, even the magazines in the waiting area are 5 years old, that’s painful enough!

Anyway, I needed a new filling. It seemed like I had all the appliances in my mouth at once – clamps, that saliva instrument that drains you of all bodily liquid, the needle and more! I got a local anaesthetic to numb the pain. 20 minutes later, I was done. I was told the anaesthetic would only last an hour – 4 hours later, my mouth was still numb, coffee dribbling down the side of my cheek. I felt out of control!

So, what on earth has my experience at the dentist got to do with health and fitness?! Well, it has to do with the health of your teeth and gums. What you eat is crucial to your dental health. Eat too much sugar and you’re asking for filling after filling – that’s if you’re lucky! You don’t want your teeth to be extracted do you?

If you eat too much sugar (and processed foods), you’re asking for trouble. Tooth decay isn’t usually the result of eating too many vegetables or fish. Eating the right foods 80-90% of the time (having your treats 10-20%) means that you’ll be looking after your teeth and gums because there won’t be too much sugar going into your mouth.

When I was a child, I remember the old saying “Too much sugar will rot your teeth”! It’s true, not just an old wives tale! Eat sweets, biscuits, cakes, pastries, takeaways, processed foods etc and your teeth will decay at a much faster rate. Not just that though, the rest of your body will suffer too.

Your circulation will be sluggish, your heart and lungs won’t function properly, your blood sugar levels will rise, meaning you’re more likely to become diabetic, your muscles will be flat, your energy levels will rise and fall too often, making you lethargic…

However, you can do something about it. You can reduce your sugar intake and replace it with healthy, nutritious and tasty food. For example, rather than having 3 biscuits as a snack, have an apple with almond butter or sunflower seeds, almonds and dark chocolate chips or Feta cheese with sundried tomatoes.

Look after your teeth and gums but more importantly, having a holistic approach will give you an all-round glow and your energy levels will be sky high creating health and wellbeing.

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