This one activity burns up to 600 calories an hour…what is it?

rowingWould you like to burn an extra 600 calories an hour? That’s better than any time spent in the gym or doing a dance class. It’s much better than going jogging or working out to the latest fitness DVD.

I’d also say it’s probably better than those crazy workouts (like Insanity, Squat Challenge etc). They’re more likely to give you an injury because they are way too intense.

I’ll give you a clue…it involves water and a boat!

It’s Rowing!

My partner, Awne, and I decided to try a taster session last weekend at Newburn in Newcastle. It was one of our 2014 New Year Resolutions!

We were there about 4 hours and it was free too! We got to learn the basics first (on a rowing machine) then took a boat onto the water. We had to go in separate boats (one boat for men, one boat for women). The instructor in the men’s boat just told us to row and we set off into the distance – leaving the women’s boat behind!

After an hour or so, we were getting quite good! We were using so many muscles – in our arms, back, legs – it seemed like a brilliant workout as well as being great fun (we did ache a bit the next day though!!!).

According to British Rowing, when you become proficient, you can expect to burn up to 600 calories an hour. Wow, that’s a lot of calories. Plus, it seems like it’s an activity I’m going to enjoy. Combining an enjoyable activity with great results is the BEST combination you can get with exercise. It’s no good doing something you don’t enjoy.

I’m not telling you to go and find a rowing club but what I am saying is to go and find a sport or activity you enjoy and give it all you have. You’ll burn extra calories plus you’ll be improving your heart health as well as getting fit.

It’s just like the women who attend my ladies-only fitness classes. They have found an activity they like and I make sure they get the results to keep them fit and healthy. If you’re interested in group fitness, you can register your interest HERE

Ps/ Just like the rowing club, I also do free taster sessions. If you read my previous blog post, I gave you a voucher for a free week’s training. Here’s the voucher again – just print this page, cut out the voucher and bring it along with you to your first class.