Could this be the perfect diet and exercise plan for you?

Kettlebell-3I’ve been missing for a few days and I know you’ll want to know why!!

Well, another chapter of my life has closed but I feel that a bigger, more exciting chapter is to follow.

I’ve moved home this week and I’m still looking for a new place. Until I find somewhere suitable, I’m in temporary accommodation – well, parents to be exact! You can always rely on your parents for support.

Moving home is (allegedly) one of the most stressful events in your life. I’m not so sure as I find it can lead to new beginnings and you can learn from your mistakes.

However, it can certainly affect your health – whether it’s not eating properly due to being disorganised or not sleeping properly due to your belongings being all over the place! I have to admit that my healthy diet has slipped a bit over the last week or so.

I have had to ‘make do and mend’ in many ways.

I often hear that people do this in other areas of their lives. The ‘make do and mend’ mentality so you just coast along in life.

Personal health is a definite area where you think you’re doing ok. You tell yourself that your diet is healthy, that you keep active as often as you can and you control stress with a glass of wine or two when you get home from work.


Maybe you can do better. Maybe you can improve your life – your diet, your activity levels and your stress levels.

‘Making do’ isn’t enough for you – especially as you have the potential to improve on so many levels.

How would you feel IF you had the perfect diet (that suited you)?

How would you feel IF you could fit exercise and activity into your life without it taking up too much time and the results were fantastic?

How would you feel IF you could relax and control stress so that you could enjoy life without worrying and becoming anxious?

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Personally, if I could find the perfect diet, the perfect exercise plan and the perfect relaxation technique, I’d be in a much better place, both physically and mentally. How would that feel to you?

Well, I’ve done a lot of research over the years on nutrition and put together different eating plans to suit different people.

I’ve designed Low GI, Detox and Paleo eating plans. Each one has its merits but essentially, they are all designed to control your blood sugar and limit your chances of developing diseases – prevention is better than cure, right?

As for exercise, I’ve created many different and interesting workouts over the last 20 years. Most of my YouTube workouts are only 12 minutes. I think that, in today’s hectic society, we just don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym. Or, more to the point, we don’t want to spend hours in the gym!

I have effectively put together many bodyweight workouts, workouts using weights and kettlebells and created lots of different challenges for women who have subsequently changed their lives.

Relaxation is key when it comes to controlling your stress levels. Remember, too much stress can have a major (negative) impact on your life. Stress can lead to many illnesses so it’s crucial to control it.

Getting your breathing right is important. I’ve used many Yoga breathing techniques that have helped me with anxiety, especially when I was in my 20s.

I’ve learned meditation and visualisation. It all helps to keep you calm and more importantly, keep a calm nervous system.


If you’re a woman who can relate to any of this – I solely train women if you didn’t already know – then maybe I can help you find your perfect diet, your perfect exercise plan and your perfect relaxation technique.

From Monday 15th February, I’ll be starting a new 28-Day Kettlebell Challenge. It will incorporate exercise and healthy eating. Kettlebells combine strength and cardio training to give you a complete workout. They help you to tone your muscles and improve your functional strength and fitness.

I will be providing all of my healthy eating plans with the programme so you have a choice. If this is something you’d like to do, you can register at this link –> KETTLEBELL CHALLENGE

From Monday 22nd February, I’ll be starting a new 28-Day Weight Training Challenge. Again, it will incorporate exercise (in the form of lifting weights) and healthy eating. Using weights will massively improve your strength and fitness and you WON’T bulk up!

More and more women are turning to weight training because it will tone your muscles and shape your body, burn stubborn body fat and improve your posture and joint health. I’ve trained over 90 women since January 2015 using weights and every single one (who has completed the programme) has achieved positive results!

If this is something you’d like to do, you can register at this link –> WEIGHT TRAINING CHALLENGE

If you decide to join one of my programmes, you’ll be made to feel very welcome and you’ll be working with likeminded, supportive women.