The Price Of Beauty – Prepare To Be Shocked

BeautyThe price of beauty. Ladies, how you spend over £100,000 to look good! That’s right, according to Notebook magazine and a survey by Sure Compressed deodorants, you spend £116,000 in a lifetime to improve the way you look. Wow, that’s quite a lot isn’t it? So, what are you spending it on? Well, here is the breakdown of the top spends:

  • Hair and make-up – £16,332 and 21 days (in total). You obviously should treat yourself to a nice haircut every now and then but have you thought about contacting salons looking for models for their trainees? As for the make-up, well most of the women I know wouldn’t leave the house without it so maybe that’s a good spend!
  • Improving teeth – £17,290 and 15 days. You spend your hard-earned cash on straightening, cleaning and whitening. Treatment for your teeth doesn’t come cheap unfortunately but showing off your white gnashers will keep you smiling!
  • Fitness and diets – £38,825 and 101 days. Wow, that’s a lot of cash. This one means a lot to me as I try my very best to advise the women I work with to avoid diets like the plague. You’ve probably tried dozens of diets and end up with the same result? You lose weight, sometimes a lot of weight, but alas, you end up putting the weight (and more) back on when you return to normal eating. Diets are restrictive and who wants to have three shakes all day? I say eat healthy 80-90% of the time and enjoy the odd treat, like a bottle of Pear Cider or fish and chips!! Hell, life is for living, not for dieting. I’m happy to advise on what’s healthy and why. Just let me know.
  • Updating your wardrobe – £22,726 and 29 days. You have to keep up with the latest trend, right? Of course you do! When you gain or lose weight, you need new clothes too. Hey, I understand – women love to shop for clothes. I know, as I’ve seen a lot of guys sitting in the corner of a shop looking bored and fed up watching their partner’s 10 bags of shoes and dresses!! Sometimes, it’s good to have a wardrobe clearance. Take your old clothes to a charity shop or sell it online or at a car boot sale. It feels great to have a spring clean. Also, when you’re trying to lose weight, put aside that special dress – you know, the one that is too tight and you can’t zip it up? Hang it up so that you can see it every day. Now imagine fitting into that dress. Great motivation for pushing your exercise and healthy eating.

So, who are you actually spending this money for? Well, according to the survey, 84% of you are doing it for yourselves; 41% of you like to improve for a friend; 38% for your families; 18% for your work colleagues and 11% for social media reasons. Social media reasons? Haven’t times changed?! Maybe adding a nice photo of yourself onto Facebook is the reason!

What motivates you into spending the money? The most popular reason is for a milestone birthday – you want to ‘splash out’ for the occasion. Sounds feasible I guess. You also spend this money to look good for a new job – you know, when you walk in the room and all eyes are on you?! Behind these though, in third place, you spend your money to look good because of a new relationship. Only third? I think the men may spend more these days! Obviously, us guys like to moisturise, do 100 Pushups every day and use ‘Just For Men’ hair colour!

So, what do you spend your money on and why? If you have any comments on the above article, email your comments to me at as I’d love to know what you spend your money on to look good and why.