You probably WON’T sign up – here’s why…

new year resolution failExperience tells me that you probably won’t do a lot of things in life – you know, the things that are on your ‘to-do’ list.

The things you had in your head last December when you made your 2014 Resolutions.

The things you wrote down in your notebook or on that piece of A4 paper.

The things you said you would “definitely do this year” but as yet, haven’t got around to.

The things that would actually make a massive difference to your life IF you implemented them.

The things that could change your outlook on life (and those close to you) in a huge way.

The things that will STILL be on your list this December and then you START ALL OVER AGAIN.

Is this you?

I have to admit, I’m at fault too. I made a list of 50 things and so far, I have quite a few ticks still to be made.

Why do we do this? Isn’t it self-sabotage?

We build our hopes up and then slam them down only to be disappointed.

Let’s take weight loss as an example.

December comes and you’re feeling down because you’re overweight, your clothes don’t fit for your Christmas party and you just feel sluggish. You never have time for yourself.


It’s almost the New Year, which means you can do something about it. You write your list…

“I want to lose weight, at least 2 stone.”

“I want to be able to fit into my favourite dress by February.”

“I want to have more energy and feel alive again.”

That’s a good list.

So January comes and you make a start. You may go to a slimming group or you may start watching the fitness DVD you got for Christmas.

You feel good because you’re ‘doing something about it’. You may even start to lose some weight and you begin to feel fitter.


Two weeks in and your motivation goes. You start eating ‘treats’ and drinking wine. Obviously, the treats and wine taste good so you have more of them. Your weight creeps back on again.

You’re back to square one so you can’t put a tick against that ‘thing’ or Resolution – yet.

Several months down the line and guess what? Here you are again with the same problems and you feel even more deflated.

I work with women and I help them to lose weight, get in shape, be stronger, have more energy, feel better and healthier.

Some of them say they just couldn’t do it on their own. It’s the accountability and motivation that keeps them going on their journey. They have changed their perception of health and fitness and once you do that, there is NO TURNING BACK.

You do not want to go back to your old life. Why would you? Yet many do and that’s unfortunate.

The women I work with have all achieved life-changing results. The best thing is though that none of them:

• Are on a diet
• Do any long, tedious workouts
• Struggle to find healthy food to keep them going

You see, I don’t believe in diets. I believe in eating well and eating good food. I believe in exercising for as little time as possible (for it to be effective) – we’re all busy after all. I believe in providing solutions so I supply eating plans, recipes and educate on health and fitness.

I offer solutions to busy mums and business women – both office-based and those who travel a lot.

They invest in their health rather than thinking of it in terms of £££s. So they invest and I offer solutions.

Are you prepared to invest in your health? Before it’s too late? Before your GP tells you that there is no turning back?

If you want to invest in your health and avoid the slippery New Year Resolution slope, get in touch and we can start your journey.

I will offer you a free plan to get you on track. You then choose whether to work with me or not. It’s that simple.

Just click this link to get started: PERSONAL WEIGHT LOSS BLUEPRINT

Ps/ I’m off to tick a few more things off my list!