You really want that dress, don’t you?

dressYou know what it’s like…you’re out shopping on a Saturday afternoon and you’re looking for a new dress. You go from shop to shop but can’t seem to find the perfect one.

[By the way, I don’t go shopping for dresses – just to make that clear!]

Hours go by (usually dragging your partner around with you) and you almost give up and go home. But then you see a dress, which is perfect for you. The ideal colour, size and fit BUT it’s expensive – in fact, it just stretches your budget too much. But does it??

You really want to buy it and the idea swirls around your head. “Oh, let’s go for a coffee and I’ll think about it”, you say to your partner. You know you want it but go off for the coffee anyway.

You have the coffee and decide to go back to buy the dress – you CAN afford it after all!


The dress has gone!! It’s not there anymore. You call an assistant and ask about the dress. That was the LAST ONE – no more in stock and it’s the end of line stock so no more to come in.

You’re devastated!

Why am I talking about buying dresses?! Well, it’s the same with your health and fitness…

You can ‘put off’ the opportunity to be fit and healthy but it can be too late when you actually decide to do something about it.

“Oh, I’ll go to the gym next week”; “I’ll start my new healthy diet on Monday”; “I’ll go to that fitness class when my friend is ready to go”…

You see, you can keep putting it off but, in the meantime, your health is suffering. Why wait until you’re ill when you can act NOW and do something about it?

It doesn’t take much effort – find an activity you think you’ll enjoy and find foods and healthy recipes you think you’ll like and ACT on it.

Just like that perfect dress, don’t put your health on hold (remember one day, it could be too late). Combine a healthy fitness regime with a healthy diet and you won’t regret it.

If you want help or advice from me about where to start, just get in touch. Or if you want to download my FREE healthy eating plan, a full 5 weeks of meals, just click HERE