Can you remember when you were 18 and people in their 40s were ancient?!

birthdayThis time next week, I will be a year older – 47! Well, not really a year older but another chronological year to add to my previous 46 years!

Am I taking a deep sigh, thinking where the hell time has gone? Sort of. I mean, can you remember when you were 18 and people in their 40s were ancient?! They were grandparent material! Scary eh?

BUT when you actually get to your 40s, it’s not that bad really. In fact, my 40s have been great in terms of health – ok, the odd sniffle here and there and a bout of Tonsillitis. Apart from that though, I’ve been feeling good. I feel stronger, fitter and healthier than ever. So, when your mum tells you that it’s all downhill after 40, it’s make believe.

But here’s the catch (I knew there would be a catch!). You have to make an EFFORT! Lying on the couch won’t make you stronger. Sitting on your bum cheeks won’t keep you fit. Eating burgers and crisps won’t make you healthy. You see, you do need to do something. Being healthy doesn’t just happen. Being UNHEALTHY does though. If you don’t do anything, then your health will suffer.

Taking it to the extremes, further down the line, you may end up with illnesses that could have been prevented. But only IF you take some action. It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort either. Why not take some time out to really think about your health – not your kids, not your partner – YOU. Put yourself first just this once. Once you take action, you will feel so much better. Lift some weights or use body weight exercises to get stronger, cycle or swim in intervals to get fitter and eat well 80-90% of the time to get healthier.

How? Well you could do it on your own or you could get advice from an expert who has proven experience with this stuff. Whatever you choose, start right now and stay healthy.

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