Results Are Your Motivation

Let me start today’s blog post with a couple of questions.

If every time you stepped on the scales and saw a lower number, would you continue to do what you were doing in your exercise and nutrition programme?

If every time you looked in the mirror and saw noticeable improvements in your body shape, would you continue to do what you were doing in your exercise and nutrition programme?

I’m guessing you’ve answered ‘yes’ to each question.

So would you continue with your current regime? Of course you would. If it’s working for you, and getting positive results, why wouldn’t you?

Positive results are powerful motivators. They mean you will work extremely hard at maintaining (or improving) those results. You will do whatever it takes as what you’re seeing on the scales or in the mirror is what you’ve always wanted to see – you weigh less, you look more toned, your shape has improved etc.

However, what if the results were not positive – you weighed heavier, you looked sluggish etc? Would you continue to exercise in the same way and eat the same foods? I doubt it.

If you don’t experience results, you will NEVER continue to put in the hard work and effort necessary to change your physique. Unfortunately, hard work and effort don’t always equate to results. How many people do you see in gyms who look exactly the same as they did 12 months ago? Are they working hard? They are probably working very hard but are not getting the results they crave.

Why? Because the information they are fed does not work for fat loss, sustainable weight loss or an improved physique. They are told to go on a specific diet or run on a treadmill at a constant pace for 45 minutes. They will never achieve the results they want by doing this.

Eventually, by not getting results, people will quit the gym or exercise altogether, which is a real shame.

Take a look at what you’re currently doing and think about this: Are you REALLY getting the results you want?

Results are the motivating factor.

If it’s not working for you, change the way you exercise, the way you eat, the way you sleep, the way you relax. Only when you change these things, will you achieve the results you want.

Choose strategies that actually WORK and are proven to work.